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The science of the study of plants invariably brings to mind nostalgic images of large, scholarly pictures of plants with Latin names, wonderful expertly drawn flowers and patiently coloured watercolours, the compendia and illustrations of Pierre-Joseph Redouté.

A parent to aromatherapy and phytotherapy, botany evokes both Theophrastus and Linné’s binomial nomenclature. But it also reminds us that plants generate oxygen, are food and allow other forms of life to exist. This science is enriched by the most recent discoveries, whether this involves research into chemotypes or new innovative procedures for extracting essential oils.

It is a living science where knowledge of the plant world helps us understand ever more precisely past and future environmental changes. It represents a universal conscience that encourages us to take action.

Botany is an old yet modern word. It teaches us humility and inspires the passion that we use to formulate our products.

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