Insolent Youth Serum, 100ml

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100 ml Bottle


Beneficial qualities

Fine and light in texture, this plant cocktail envelops the skin with a protective and comfortable film. With its flavonoids, the black orchid extract maintains the skin's balance by fighting off free radicals. Beech bud extract helps moisturise and smooth skin. Peptides combined with hyaluronic acid help reduce the volume and depth of wrinkles. 



Our Insolent Youth Serum is an unbelievable sensory experience. 

In its mysterious purple bottle, this rare product envelops the skin with a protective and comfortable film. Serum and nectar for the skin, brand-new and easily identifiable, it is famous for its action on the skin’s visible signs of ageing and its anti-free radical properties.

Beach buds, aloe, grapefruit seed essential oil, Morello cherry flower extract (small bitter cherry), soy glycine... The blend of these active plant ingredients combined with natural hyaluronic acid mean this product is a genuine testimony to Sentéales expertise: extremely pleasant to use and expertly effective. Cleverly composed, this bouquet of youthfulness administers its beneficial properties to produce radiant skin.


Morning and evening on perfectly clean skin, apply a small amount of Insolent Youth Serum to the face and neck.