Intense Source Cream, 200ml

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Beneficial qualities

When the weather is difficult and playful, likely to be hot or cold, when there’s a gentle breeze or a howling storm...when it’s going to you blow you out of your skin...

When you are under attack from the unforeseeable, when your skin loses its elasticity and begs for soothing nourishment, it is vital to boost its hydration with Intense Source Cream.

The synergy of active plant ingredients helps optimise the skin's water reserves and increases the effects of the hyaluronic acid. Cherry blossom harvested in France, rich in flavonoids and protective, anti-oxidant tannins as well as plant sugars with softening and hydrating properties, is combined with raspberry seed oil (vitamin E) and hyaluronic acid, recognised for its intense plumping power.

Intense Source Cream hydrates and strengthens tissue elasticity. Skin is protected; it appears silken and plumper.


Apply morning and evening and massage into the face and neck.